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Fine Art Prints by photographer and illustrator Anna Heimkreiter

– 2022 –

The Fine Art Print Collection

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Artist Anna Heimkreiter specializes in self portrait photography and illustration.

About the Artist

Anna Heimkreiter is a German artist and traveler who calls the world her home. Completely self-taught, she specializes in self-portrait photography and illustration. Her poetic images speak of a profound connection to nature, vulnerability, and a deep love for being alive. She longs to capture the complexity and beauty of human existence.

P.S.: Anna does not always hide in bushes, but when she does, it is probably for the sake of art.

Made for Wonder Seekers

The blog is where I share my journey, lessons learned and personal stories written from the heart. It is as much about exploring the outer beauty of this world as it is about exploring what is within.

Photography & Illustration

self portraits

Travel & outdoor memories

Illustrations &
spiritual artwork

Inspired by untouched nature, authentic feelings &
those little everyday stories that make people special.


Magical art for your home

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