About Anna Heimkreiter

Anna Heimkreiter is a traveling artist who specializes in fine art photography and illustration.

Hi friend, I’m happy you’re here! Where do I even start? As a traveling artist, whatever I do rarely fits into a box.

I am a self-portrait artist, illustrator, world wanderer, and wonder seeker who feels most at home in nature.

My art is inspired by the unique beauty of our existence on planet Earth. It is made for fellow wonder seekers and dreamers like you.

My Story

Traveler Anna Heimkreiter and her red camper called Alois.

Do you know that longing to explore the wonders of the world? We call it “Fernweh” in German – and I followed its call. In 2019, I officially became a full-time traveler. A few years later, I upgraded from living out of a backpack to my bright red camper Alois.

It may not be for everyone, but I love this kind of life deeply. It moves me, challenges me, and fills me with a sense of gratitude that just keeps growing.

My recipe for feeling alive: adventure, moments of stillness & the magic of nature combined.

And if those years on the road taught me anything… it is that we don’t need much to experience happiness.

The key – to everything – lies within.

years on the road
countries visited (taking it slow)
hiked on long-distance trails across Europe
animal adopted
(my cat Georgia)

Where in the world…?

I admit, it’s a bit hard to get hold of a traveler. But, if you’d like to collaborate or simply meet up, I hope our paths will cross somewhere!

Summer 2023: Germany
Autumn/Winter 2023/24: Spain
Spring 2024: Scandinavia

I believe in the power of different

‘Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.’

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

This quote has stuck with me for more than a decade. Like so many, I spent the first part of my life trying to fit in. Deep down, I was scared of being seen for who I am. That is until I realized being different is a secret superpower.

We are not made to fit in, but to create our own path, one that brings joy and wonder. Courage and creativity are now my north star. And I wonder… what would happen if we all lived this way?

Art is how I express
deeply felt wonder & awe

Fine Art Photography by Anna Heimkreiter. The photo shows an ethereal scene of a woman in a flower meadow among giant mountains.

Fine Art Photography

Over the past ten years, I learned how to pour my soul into images. Completely self-taught, I started using art to connect to others and express what was dwelling inside of me through self-portraits.

And of course, my camera has accompanied me on all my travels, telling tales of wild mountain ranges, early sunrises, and the peace of solitude.

Digital Illustration

When I was a child, I could sit down for hours and draw (classic introvert activity). I long forgot about this special joy that painting brings until I slowly started rediscovering it in quiet moments during my travels.

In a sudden surge of inspiration, I decided to become an illustrator. Given my limited painting skills at the time, that resolution was wildly audacious. Fast forward, people are actually hiring me to create art for them. It’s one of those dreams come true.

Fine Art Print of the Mother Archetypes, the most loving and caring of the 7 Feminine Archetypes.

Where Wonder Waits is not only a home for my art.
It is a place to share stories.

Anna Heimkreiter on her travels in Greece.

What kind of stories, you ask?

Stories about going beyond the ordinary, making fearless choices, embracing discomfort, finding awe in little things.

My personal journey has taught me that living starts beyond fear, and that we get to choose what our life looks like.

What I hope to inspire is simple:

I want you to know that you can create the life you want to be living.

Adventurer and artist Anna Heimkreiter in Georgia in front of a waterfall.

Why I started a blog

I wanted a place outside of the fast-paced world of social media to share my stories. Somewhere to keep lessons from my journey for you to see. A space for reflection and sharing inspiration. The blog is where I write about what moves me, hoping it will serve others, too. Come along and learn what it takes to turn your life into a beautiful adventure.

Q&A with Anna Heimkreiter

I truly believe wonder can be found anywhere.
Far away. Close to home. In creation. Within yourself. It’s a matter of walking through the world with open eyes and an open heart.
A sense of wonder is what connects my art and my longing to see the world – that’s why I chose it as the title for my blog.

I spent the first 18 years of my life in a small town in Southern Germany (near Munich). A peaceful place close to the mountains – I feel blessed to have grown up in such a beautiful part of the world and still visit my hometown regularly.

For two years, I focused on saving up as much as I possibly could while working a full-time job. Since I travel super low-budget, I could live from that money for way longer than it took me to earn it.

Money is no prerequisite for travel (only for extra comfort). If you’re curious, here are some tips on how you can even travel for free. By now, I am a digital nomad which allows me to continue traveling for as long as my heart tells me to.

Head to this blog post to read about my current photography setup, my camera and lens recommendations for beginners, and the gear of my dreams.

I use my Dell laptop in combination with a graphic tablet (XP Pen Artist Pro). For sketches and watercolor doodles, I use whatever material I can find. Keeping it simple.

I’ve written a blog post about my hiking gear here, including the full packing list.