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Hi, I’m Anna Heimkreiter…

…and I’m so glad you’re here. Let me introduce myself.

I am a world wanderer, self-portrait artist, illustrator, and wonder seeker who feels most at home in nature.

My art is inspired by the unique beauty of our existence on planet Earth. Everything I make is an invitation to connect deeply with yourself and the present moment.

My Story

I’m from Germany, but my heart has always longed to know the wonders of the world. Since 2019, I am a full-time traveler.

It may not be for everyone, but I love this kind of life deeply. It moves me, challenges me, and fills me with a sense of gratitude that just keeps growing.

This combination of adventures, moments of stillness and the magic of nature is what makes me feel alive.

And if those years on the road taught me anything, it is that we don’t need much to experience happiness.

The key – to everything – lies within.

A little bit different

‘Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.’

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

I spent the first part of my life trying to fit in. Trying to navigate my way through a society whose values I did not understand. Scared of being seen for who I am. However, through my travels, I realized little by little that our uniqueness is our strength.

I realized I can create my own path, outside of society’s expectations. Following my inner compass. Choosing creativity and courage over security. Our insecurities and tragedies have the potential to become our personal superpowers.

Speaking of creative passions… This is what I do:


Over the past ten years, I learned how to pour my soul into images. Completely self-taught, I started using art to connect to others and express what was dwelling inside of me through self-portraits.

Beyond that, my camera has accompanied me on all my travels, telling tales of wild mountain ranges, early sunrises, and the peace of solitude.

Slide to turn this self portrait into an illustration!


When I was a child, I could sit down for hours and draw (classic introvert activity). I long forgot about this special joy that painting brings until I slowly started rediscovering it in quiet moments during my travels.

Since then, I have learned digital illustration, bringing to life visions of women in touch with their highest selves, fully embodying the divine feminine.

Where Wonder Waits is not only a home for my art.
It is a place to share stories.

What kind of stories, you ask?

Stories about going beyond the ordinary, making fearless choices, embracing discomfort, finding awe in little things.

Years ago, I was still afraid of doing what I most wanted to do: Living as a free, roaming soul. There was some a lot of inner work to be done.

Eventually, I transformed the way I think, choosing courage over fear. My narrative has changed (and keeps changing).

Along the way, I met too many people who did not realize they could do the same. Who did not see their light and personal power. That’s why I chose to share my story, for those who feel hopeless.

If that’s you, I want you to know that you can choose the life you want to be living.

Where Wonder Waits Blog

This is where I write about what moves me. Where I keep lessons from a profound journey through art and foreign lands. A place for reflections and sharing inspiration.

Come along and learn what it takes to turn your life into a beautiful adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why ‘Where Wonder Waits’?

I truly believe wonder can be found anywhere.
Far away. Close to home. In creation. Within yourself. It’s a matter of walking through the world with open eyes and an open heart.
A sense of wonder is what connects my art and my longing to see the world – that’s why I chose it as the title for my blog.

Which gear do you use for your self portraits?

Head to this blog post to read about my current photography setup, my camera and lens recommendations for beginners, and the gear of my dreams.

What is your art setup?

I use my Dell laptop in combination with a graphic tablet (XP Pen Artist Pro). For sketches and watercolor doodles, I use whatever material I can find. Keeping it simple.

What to take on a long-distance hike?

I’ve written a blog post about my hiking gear here, including the full packing list.

How do you afford to travel long-term?

For two years, I focused on saving up as much as I possibly could while working a full-time job. Since I travel super low-budget, I could live from that money for way longer than it took me to earn it.

Money is no prerequisite for travel (only for extra comfort). If you’re curious, here are some tips on how you can even travel for free.

By now, I am a digital nomad which allows me to continue traveling for as long as my heart tells me to.