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Where Wonder Waits Blog

A Life of Travel

An alternative travel philosophy.

Choose to be a traveler, not a tourist.

planning → going with the flow
fancy hotels → staying with locals
seeing 3 countries a month → spending 3 months in a country
collecting sights → collecting memories
boring bus rides → hitchhiking
city life → trail life
consuming and polluting → living in unison with nature
comfort → personal growth

This is how I have traveled for years, creating cherished memories forever, becoming more and more courageous, and growing into the person I was meant to be. On this blog, I share my most beautiful stories from a life abroad and teach you how you can turn your life into an adventure, too.

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Take a sneak-peek into my life and the adventures I experienced. These blog posts are more storytelling, accompanied by beautiful images and reflections on my personal journey.

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Do you dream of a life on the road? This section is for my best tips on how you can make it happen, from practical advice to your occasional inspirational pep talk (which I believe we all need sometimes).

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