FAQ Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Printing is a world of its own – these answers to frequently asked questions will help you to know what to expect when ordering a Fine Art Print on Where Wonder Waits.

Fine Art Prints by photographer and illustrator Anna Heimkreiter

What is a Fine Art or a Giclée Print?

The term Fine Art Prints, or Giclée Prints, refers to extremely high-quality art prints. They are long-lasting as well as incredibly beautiful and hence the first choice for sophisticated art collectors.

Fine Art Printing allows you to achieve reproductions of extraordinary quality, even at very large sizes. The magic of Giclée Prints lies in their unmatched depth and vividness. The acid-free paper and inks are of archival quality, meaning that their brilliance will last a lifetime.

I could get into the details of why Fine Art Prints are superior to regular prints but I am sure you will see for yourself when you hold the first Giclée Print in your hands. The delicate structure of the paper, the brilliance of the colors and the incredible detail are all to fall in love with.

What paper will my image be printed on?

When it comes to Fine Art Printing, paper makes all the difference – they say a print is only as good as its paper! After sampling several high-quality Fine Art Papers, my choice fell onto the beautiful Hahnemühle Photo Rag®.

Characteristics of the Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Fine Art Paper:

  • Weight: 308 gsm
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Beautiful defined felt structure
  • Matte premium coating
  • Acid- and lignin-free
  • ISO 9706 conform / museum quality for highest age resistance

This heavy cotton paper with a matte finish makes the artwork of your choice even more beautiful. Hahnemühle Photo Rag® is highly light- and aging-resistant. Up close, you will appreciate its delicate structure and incredible detail.

Of course, this Fine Art Paper falls in line with our sustainability standards. The paper manufacturer only uses resources from sustainable forest management areas which ensures the preservation and protection of biodiversity and the renewal of forest habitats. Read more about Hahnemühle‘s commitment to sustainability here.

What is the difference between a Limited Edition and an Open Edition Print?

Limited Edition Prints are collector‘s items that have increased value due to their rarity – they will only be reproduced a certain number of times. Once the editions have sold out, the artwork will never be reprinted again.

Open Editions, however, can be reproduced an undefined number of times which makes them a more affordable choice. Nevertheless, they are printed with equally high standards as Limited Edition Artworks – the only difference is the available quantity.

On Where Wonder Waits, my Fine Art Photography is exclusively available as Limited Edition Prints. Illustration Art is available as Open Edition Prints.

All Limited Edition Prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity and a matching hologram patch to confirm the genuineness of the artwork. It is recommended affixing the hologram patch to the back of the frame of your print (not the print itself). Keep your Certificate of Authenticity in a safe place.

Why do the Fine Art Prints have a border? And why should I use a mat?

I‘m glad you asked! The Fine Art Prints are intended to be framed with a mat – which does not only enhance the look of the artwork but is also a protective measure.

A mat helps to preserve art because of the distance it creates between the print and the glass (allows air circulation). It also gives the image support within the frame.

Giclée Prints are long-lasting but delicate, that‘s why we have the border. It serves to protect the artwork so that when handling the print, there is no risk of damaging the pigments along the edges. To ensure perfect condition of your Fine Art Print, you should avoid touching the printed area directly.

Adding a border to the print also makes it easier to place the print behind the mat. Without a border, positioning can be quite tricky if the cutout of the mat is exactly the same as the image size.

Last but not least, the border allows you to hide photo corners which you may use to position the artwork behind the mat. Do not use regular tape to attach your print to the mat – you may damage your print permanently.

For further tips on framing, I can recommend this video on how to handle a Fine Art Print professionally.

How do I choose the right frame? Is the frame included?

Since the Fine Art Prints come with a border for framing with a mat, the size of the mat window is the most important number to look out for.

For example: If you buy a print with the dimensions 40 x 60 cm, the overall print size will be a little bit larger (41 x 62 cm) because of the added white border. When buying a mat, however, you should look for one that fits the size 40 x 60 cm, not the overall print dimensions.

You can find more information on available sizes and editions here.

Because picking a frame is highly personal, Where Wonder Waits does not offer frames. You will only receive the Fine Art Print itself.

All artwork editions on Where Wonder Waits are sized according to standard sizes, so it should be easy for you to find a fitting mat and frame that matches your taste and interior.

If you happen to be from a country where metric units are not the norm, I suggest either custom framing or ordering a matching mat and frame online.

Are the Fine Art Prints and packaging sustainable?

I am happy to say yes, indeed! Nature is what deeply inspires my life and art – so of course, for bringing this Fine Art Collection alive, I wanted it to be as sustainable as possible.

Orders are fulfilled by theprintspace, UK’s first fine art printing service that is 100% end-to-end carbon neutral. They worked very hard to reduce the impact of their service on the environment while still ensuring top-notch quality. You can read more about their exemplary efforts here.

theprintspace‘s sustainability promise:

  • 100% carbon-neutral printing process
  • sustainably sourced papers
  • sustainably sourced, recyclable or biodegradable packaging
  • carbon-neutral deliveries

Where carbon emission absolutely cannot be avoided, they are offset and invested in renewable energy projects (an approach recommended by Greenpeace).

I am very proud that, by partnering with theprintspace, these Fine Art Prints have truly become art to feel good about in every aspect.

Will my Fine Art Print look exactly like in the pictures?

Depending on the calibration of your screen, the colors and brightness of your print may differ slightly from the website images and examples. All artworks have been processed carefully to achieve the best possible outcome – I am sure you will love the colors of your print.

Please note that the images showing the Fine Art Prints in different interior settings are not exact science. They are here to give you an approximate idea of the dimensions and provide inspiration. For the exact measurements, please read the product description carefully and measure your wall space to see how the print fits best.

What does ‚archival quality‘ mean?

All Fine Art Prints you see on Where Wonder Waits are of archival quality – this means they fulfill the same high standards as a gallery or museum would demand. These prints are designed to last for a lifetime.

In average daylight conditions, a Giclée print should last at least 80 years. In a dark archival box, it outlives generations, with a life expectancy of 200 years.

How do I protect my Fine Art Print?

Always frame your Fine Art Print behind glass to keep it safe from atmospheric pollutants. Additionally, I recommend using a mat to protect your artwork. It provides airflow and keeps the edges from fraying.

Hang your artwork in a place away from fluctuating temperatures. Damp walls and high humidity can cause mold, so maybe check if there‘s another place to hang your artwork than the hallway where you take off your wet rain boots.

Reduce exposure to heat and bright light sources where possible. For best longevity, try to avoid direct sunlight, e.g. by not placing the artwork opposite of south-facing windows. UV-protective glass can help to reduce the impact of exposure to bright light.

Once you have picked the right environment for your Fine Art Print, you‘re guaranteed to enjoy its high-end quality and beauty for a lifetime.

Which sizes do the Fine Art Prints come in?

Please have a look at the Sizing Guide to find out all about available sizes and editions.

When will my artwork be delivered?

Information on shipping and estimated delivery times can be found here.