Cover photo by self portrait photographer Anna Heimkreiter, featuring a woman in a magnificent sunset.

The Most Inspiring Female Self-Portrait Photographers in 2023

Had I never discovered the mesmerizing photographs of other self-portrait photographers, I doubt I would have ever started diving into the genre.

But those often very emotive, creative portraits moved something within me. Inspired by what I saw online, artistic self-portraits became my preferred way of expressing my deepest self.

Especially female self-portrait photographers had a big influence on me – which is why today, I’d like to share their magic with you and introduce you to some of the best self-portrait artists I know.

Inspiring Female Self-Portrait Photographers in 2022

1. Laura Zalenga

A self portrait featuring a man and a woman forming a statue.

I couldn’t start with anyone else but her: Laura is a German portrait photographer whose self-portrait art has accompanied me from the very beginning. I was fortunate enough to get to know her beautiful personality during several Flickr meetups long ago (oh, the golden days). Since then, she has only kept growing in her artistic expression. She has refined her signature style of emotional portraits, often featuring expressive, dancer-like poses of the human body.

Nowadays, her minimalistic, yet insanely powerful art is infused with an additional layer of meaning and depth. Through her photographs, Laura often raises awareness for vulnerable topics, such as social taboos and discrimination. The way she uses her voice to make the world a better place is ever-inspiring to me, not to mention the captivating visual beauty of her self-portraits.

Website | Instagram

2. Elizabeth Gadd

A woman in a red dress running through a dramatic, dark mountain landscape.

If I could choose one female self-portrait artist’s photos to live in, it certainly would be the breathtaking visual world of Canadian photographer Elizabeth Gadd. With a passion for the outdoors, she photographs herself in magical, wild landscapes. She appears as a female, solitary figure in flowing dresses, immersed in nature’s most beautiful light spectacles. Full of vivid colors, her art has the power to fill you with a deep longing to experience the exhilarating freedom of the wilderness. Through her self-portraits, she powerfully communicates the calm and peace she finds in nature.

Website | Instagram

3. Chantal Convertini

Also known as paeulini, this Swiss self-portrait photographer prominently explores the female body in her art. She frequently criticizes the censorship put on tasteful, artistic nudity through social media as well as society. Chantal’s sensual photographs, taken on film, prove that you do not need any spectacular surroundings to create moving visuals. Many of her self-portraits are taken in a plain room, creatively playing with the light coming in through the windows. She also shares self-written poems along with her self-portraits and I deeply admire her for so vulnerably expressing herself, through images and words.

Website | Instagram

4. Rosie Hardy

A self portrait of a woman in a long dress sitting on a swing surrounded by clouds.

Welcome to fantasy world. Rosie is a master at crafting conceptual self-portraits that carry you away into the land of dreams. Her unique concepts and visual language have inspired me for many years. The UK photographer uses impressive photo manipulation skills to make her visions come alive, but they’re not all fantasy: Despite the surreal look, her self-portraits often speak of her own hardships and feelings, sharing her life very openly online and allowing an intimate connection with those who follow her personal journey. Last but not least, Rosie is also a talented wedding photographer, making even weddings feel like a dream come true.

Website | Instagram

5. Brooke DiDonato

A creative self portrait of a woman standing in a garage architecture surrounding.

US-American Brooke DiDonato’s self-portraits call a very distinctive style her own. Often using everyday architecture and homes as a backdrop, her photographs are carefully staged. Her art has a very clean, realistic look, yet there is something strange going on – little surreal twists and poses that perplex the viewer. Brooke’s pastel-toned photographs, often faceless portraits, pose more questions than they answer and are guaranteed to leave you with a lasting impression.

Website | Instagram

Check out this free resource for aspiring self-portrait photographers:

6. Amelie Satzger

A self portrait photographer mimicks the colors of her surroundings with her colofrul clothing.

Another female photographer from Germany, Amelie has made bold colors her signature move. Her work is full of patterns and clever photo manipulations, creating a world of colorful illusions. Sometimes, Amelie appears several times within one image or merges completely within her surroundings. Most of her latest self-portraits have been taken indoors, inspiring others how to get creative with simple everyday objects that you would easily find in your household.

Website | Instagram

7. Brooke Shaden

Self portrait photographer Brooke shaden creates dark and surreal images.

It’s safe to say that Brooke Shaden has influenced a whole generation of self-portrait photographers. Certainly, she was the sole reason I started cropping my photos square and experimented with textures at the beginning of my photography journey. Brooke Shaden is a passionate storyteller. Her somber self-portraits challenge fears and often cause strong reactions in the viewers. However, her intention is not to scare people, quite the opposite: For years, she has inspired people to pursue their (creative) passions and to let their light shine. I think it is this stark contrast between darkness and light that makes Brooke’s work so special.

Website | Instagram

8. Sophie Eggert

A female self portrait captured in the dark surroundings of a dune.

Even though Sophie has been creating self-portraits for many years, I discovered her beautiful work rather late. And I must say I’ve been in love ever since. Her work radiates a touching feeling of solitude, often showing her only as a female figure in the distance, dancing in the elements of nature. Sophie’s delicate self-portraits do not require many words, they speak for themselves.

Website | Instagram

9. Anya Anti

Photographer Anya Anti on a dark beach surrounded by glacier pieces.

Ukrainian-born photographer Anya creates surrealistic female self-portraits that are more than just beautiful images. Through fine art photography, she tells imaginative stories that are rich in detail and flawlessly edited. I’d especially like to highlight her series ‘2.5 seconds’, a call to action to the world: Anya’s compelling images address the urgency of climate change, making the many faces of damage visible. Set in beautiful Iceland, the series serves as a reminder of the natural beauty we are losing second by second.

Website | Instagram

10. Taysa Jorge

Stunning night self portrait photography.

Taysa’s photography is an ode to the night. She works with the stunning natural surroundings of her home, the Canary Islands, and illuminates them with mysterious, often ball-shaped light sources that add a mystical, surreal look to her photographs. Often, a lone female figure appears in those desolate landscapes – Taysa’s curiosity for the exploration of consciousness also infuses her self-portraits. She does not say much about her photographs, leaving the interpretation of the scenes up to the viewer who remains with a beautiful sense of mystery.

Website | Instagram

11. Anna Heimkreiter

Anna Heimkreiter is a self portrait photographer who specializes in portraying ethereal landscapes in combination with a human element.

Is it a little cheeky to sneak my own work onto this list? Probably – but I’d be honored if you had a look! People have called my self-portrait photography ethereal, soulful, and mystical and I hope it can serve as an inspiration for others to build a beautiful life – and savor it fully.

In the words of a fellow photographer:

“Anna’s art makes me feel like life is magical. It is the pure bliss she portrays so well in her photos that makes me feel like magic and poetry are all around us at any time. Her art is a constant reminder of how sublime and delicate life is and how we should pay attention to it.” – Mika Moret

Portfolio | Instagram

P.S.: Thank you, Mika, for these beautiful words – by the way, she is a self-portrait photographer, too, so make sure to have a look at her work!

12. Flora Borsi

Flora Borsi is a master of camouflage. She cleverly uses make-up to melt into her surroundings and expresses complex concepts through her flawless close-up self-portraits. Her work often features bold colors and surreal elements, resulting in compelling images that make you stop and stare. Flora proves that there are no limits to portraiture photography and imagination.

Website | Instagram

13. Claire Luxton

Claire Luxton’s work is similar to Flora Borsi’s portraits (or, the other way around) in the sense that they both specialize in colorful, slightly surreal close-up portraits. A lot of Claire’s signature-style photos feature little objects taped to her face with a band-aid, communicating very specific concepts like hope and kindness. Another recurring theme is butterflies and plants – allowing her to create vibrant jungle-like worlds in her portraits. Equipped with impressive editing skills, she can make any vision of hers come true.

Website | Instagram

14. Marion Kabac

Marion Kabac is a French self portrait photographer with a talent for astrophotography.

Marion Kabac is a French self-portrait photographer who captures the magnificence of mountains in combination with a human element. Especially outstanding is the use of astrophotography in her self-portraits. Often, her work will feature a solitary female figure under a sky full of stars – these dreamy scenes are guaranteed to take you to a different world, full of beauty and serenity.

Website | Instagram

Which female self-portrait photographers inspire you?

The list of inspiring self-portrait artists definitely does not end there (but the space on this page does). Is there anyone you would love to see on this list? Let me know in the comments and I will be happy to check out their work.

I am forever grateful for the female photographers I have come along through my self-portrait journey, whether in person, through online friendships, or in distant admiration. To this day, they continue to amaze me with the visual beauty they craft and the powerful messages they send out into the world.

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