Stop Waiting and Start Living Up To Your Full Potential

Have you ever wondered if life has… just a little bit more in store for you? Do you feel like you are not living up to your full potential? And when you look around your life, are you questioning if this is really it? You are onto something there. There is more.

We are all born with the gift of unlimited potential. Unfortunately, too many people do not realize how much personal power they have and spend years unhappy with their lives. Losing precious years which could have been used for aiming higher and growing into who they always wanted to be.

The truth is: The world is a playground of opportunities! And if you are wondering how to get there, keep reading. 

In this article, I share nine of the best tips on how you can learn to live life embracing your full potential.

Once you make it your mission to live up to your full potential, life starts feeling pretty magical – and it is never too late to start.

What does living up to your full potential mean?

If you are unsure what people mean by talking about ‘your full potential,’ let me explain.

Many people have talents inside of them that they’re simply not using. Many people have big dreams buried inside of them. And even if you think that’s not you, it might be. Are you truly letting yourself dream big? There is so much you can achieve within a lifetime. Where is fear holding you back still?

When you finally let go of those fears, that is when you decide to reach for your full potential. It is a conscious decision to make, one to reaffirm to yourself many times.

You then start striving for the best possible life, with the resources that have been given to you. Unlocking your unique talents and using them to serve the world. 

By becoming the best version of yourself, you create the impact you wish to have in the world.

But, you may ask, how long does it take to achieve my full potential? When do I get there? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Reaching your full potential is a life-long journey and, honestly, you will never quite be ‘there’. There is no finish line, only an ongoing process. One thing leads to the next.

But trust me, the journey is incredibly rewarding. When you stop perceiving the inner work as a chore, you will find opportunity instead. An opportunity to create the life you want to be living.

Get ready to adopt a growth mindset. Do not hold onto the life you have known, for letting go is necessary for making space for the new.

Think about it, how wonderful the humble realization that you will never be done learning is. It simply means that you will keep discovering more magic within yourself.

The best tips on living up to your full potential 

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Before you even start, know that this journey is not an easy one. But do not get disheartened either, because what you are working on is so much greater than temporary discomfort.

Growth happens when you are stepping out of your comfort zone. You might be met with insecurity, uncertainty, criticism, your deepest shadows. But to live up to your full potential, you need to be willing to face discomfort.

We are not meant to be perfectly comfortable all the time. Think of exercise – you put strain on your body to make yourself stronger. Spiritually, you need to do the same.

When you finally stop being a follower and start carving your own path, things will get uncomfortable. It is easier to do what others do, but we need people who are brave enough to be a pioneer. Be the domino for others to follow.

Training your mind to deal with discomfort and taking full responsibility for your life are the first two major mindset shifts to start aiming higher.

Let silence be your teacher

More than ever, we are surrounded by noise, technology, and distractions. It can feel tough to find moments that are for yourself only.

In a world that never stops, we need to allow our minds to stop. To rest and reset. Feel the benefits of silence.

Only if you take time to focus on what’s truly going on inside of you, you have the capacity to listen to the inner voice that is guiding you towards your full potential.

See what comes up when you just sit with yourself and observe. Often, in those moments of undisturbed silence, we unleash our full creativity and imagination, which is necessary for connecting to your full potential.

Carve out some time to focus undisturbedly on yourself, if possible, every day. Silence will hold the answers you were seeking. Answers that you might be missing if you never step away from the day-to-day noise.

Connect with nature

A good way of seeking out silence is to head into nature. Nature has the power to refuel you, to give you fresh energy, to remind you of the most authentic parts of yourself.

Whether it is a short walk through the forest or a longer getaway in the mountains, make sure to immerse yourself in the wonder of our world. There are many simple ways to benefit your mental health while connecting with nature.

Take a deep breath. Use the energy of your natural surroundings to transform your life.

Connecting with nature is an important part of living up to your full potential - it makes you realize what is important.

Make commitments (and stick to them)

Too many of us don’t trust their own word anymore. How often have you told yourself you will do something and then failed?

Rebuild that trust.

You can start by making little commitments to yourself. Start today, just with something small. Prove to yourself that you got this by fulfilling those tiny steps.

From there, once you have learned to trust yourself again, you can focus on bigger projects and make your commitments public. Dare to challenge yourself.

There is no need to fear failure because you know you will try your best to achieve your goals. Only if you trust that you will not let yourself down, you can achieve greatness.

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Handle your energy wisely

We only have limited time and limited mental as well as physical energy every day to work towards our dreams.

If you truly want to live up to your full potential, you need to limit your focus to the things that matter. Consciously dedicate time to the habits that will move you forward.

Do not waste time on what does not serve you – typically that would be:

  • judging yourself or others
  • overthinking every little move
  • spending time with people that do not support you
  • giving in to distractions that take more energy than they give you
  • regretting what you haven’t done (focus on what you can do now!)

However, remember to mindful. You do not need to turn into a productivity machine to tap into your full potential. Rest and play are important and you should equally make time for those.

The art is knowing how to distribute your resources in a way that allows you to live a balanced life.

Dream big

To dream big is really what reaching your full potential is all about. Have you ever heard the quote ‘if your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough?’ It is spot on.

Take a moment to think about it: Have you ever had ideas that sparked something within you? Ideas so big and wonderful they took over every little corner of your brain? Ahh yes, the kind of stuff that makes all your body tingle with excitement.

Yet, when thinking about that exciting plan more, you might experience fears creeping in. And the more you dwell on those, the more you could convince yourself it is not worthing going after that dream of yours at all. Too big, too scary, too unrealistic.

But fear is just a feeling – it will pass. Know that you can overcome all of those fears by simply starting to move toward the beautiful image in your mind.

Everything else will align. Listen to that initial feeling the idea gave you and remember it.

So, allow yourself to dream big. But do not only dream – act.

A hiker enjoying the feeling of freedom on top of a mountain at sunrise

Visualize your full potential

This may sound a lot like the previous point, but visualization is really what comes after you have found your personal dream.

Close your eyes and go into all the details of what living that dream life might look like.

How do you want it to be? Everything is possible. Don’t put any limitations on yourself. Let your imagination run wild.

By repeating this practice, you make your vision feel familiar to you. It will start feeling within reach. And then, little by little, it will start happening.

Reminding yourself of what you are striving for is a powerful motivator to align your everyday actions with your dreams and making them come true.

Know your unique talents

There’s nobody else out there like you. We are an accumulation of our experiences, genetics, decisions, dreams. And we all come with different skill sets as well as unique perspectives on life.

Find out what it is that makes you YOU. There is something that you do better than anyone else. If you’re unsure what that can be, look for it.

You could explore the following questions:

  • What are you proud of?
  • Which experiences shaped you?
  • Which skills do you already have or what are you working on?
  • Were there any hardships you have overcome?
  • How can you use those things to serve others?

Knowing your unique value will help you to leverage those talents on your journey towards your full potential.

And just like your unique essence, what your full potential looks like is unique to you. There is no blueprint. It is all up to you. And the more authentically you follow your own vision, the more rewarding the journey will feel.

Listen to your intuition

With all this in mind, you may be wondering how to know whether you are on the right track. Luckily, there is a way to find out.

You find out by listening to your intuition. There’s a voice inside of you that knows what is right for you.

Let it be your guiding force and check in frequently. What does your deepest intuition say? Follow the paths that feel right to you and that resonate with your higher self. Let go of the things that do not serve you and that do not feel authentic to yourself.

If you haven’t practiced listening to your intuition in a while, it might take you some practice to find and trust that voice.

Intuition is a beautiful thing. It is an inner guide that is innately yours, one that you can fully trust. It is here to bring out your best, to keep you safe, and move you forward towards your highest potential.

Are you ready to live up to your full potential?

If you have read this far, the part of you that wants to be doing this must be powerful.

And hey, I believe in you 🙂

Today is the best day to start living with intention. Things may change along the way, and this is okay. You can simply go with the flow, doing the best you can.

Like I said in the beginning, there is no finishing line, but there is so much to discover. 

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