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Portfolio – Anna Heimkreiter

Self Portrait Photography

Through self portraiture, I craft intimate stories. My photographs occupy a realm between dreamlike landscapes and the fragility of human emotions.

Self portrait photography has been my passion for over 10 years and is still the main body of my creative work.

Outdoor Travel Photography

A great love for the outdoors and my lifestyle as a full-time traveler have led me towards another genre of photography, too.

I document my travels and adventures in the mountains, striving to highlight the magnificence of the world we get to live in.


Painting brings to life the few things I cannot capture through photography.

My illustrations show calm, peaceful moments, often drawing inspiration from the divine feminine, yoga, and psychedelics.

Make art a present

I’m excited to announce that a Where Wonder Waits print shop is in the making.
Your favorite photographs and illustrations will be available as wall art, postcards, and beautiful merchandise.

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