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Title: ‘Cannabis’, Illustration Art by Anna Heimkreiter (2021)

From the series:States of Consciousness’, a collection of 7 artworks on plant medicine, psychedelics and the expansion of human consciousness

About the artwork: With this illustration, I wanted to highlight the use of Cannabis as a cure which has played a role in many cultures historically – little to do with stoner culture.

In India, for example, cannabis has been used traditionally to prepare Bhang, an edible mixture that plays an important role in religious Hindu practices and Ayurvedic medicine. I chose to portray an old woman preparing Bhang. Recognizable by the third eye on her forehead, she sees beyond the ordinary, carrying the wisdom and healing powers of many generations.

Bhang is believed to cure physical ailments but is also used to worship the God of Transformation, Shiva. He is said to have descended to earth to give cannabis as a gift to humanity. The Indian Vedas, sacred scriptures of Hinduism, describe cannabis as a “source of happiness,” a “joy giver,” and a “liberator.” If you look closely, you will discover a snake wrapping around the women’s stick – the snake often represents Shiva in Hindu depictions.

This is a wonderful artwork not only for people who appreciate not only the many uses of marihuana but also the ancient wisdom of plant medicines and traditions of India.

Open Edition Fine Art Print:

Small – A4
Medium – A3

All Open Edition Prints carry a small (digital) signature of the artist, unobtrusively integrated into the artwork.

A small white border is added to every Fine Art Print – please refer to the Sizing Guide for in-depth information on available sizes and framing.

Fine Art Print Quality:

Giclée Printing allows you to achieve reproductions of extraordinary quality, even at very large sizes. Using paper and inks of archival quality, their brilliance will last a lifetime. All Fine Art by Anna Heimkreiter is printed on one of the most beautiful Fine Art papers on the market, Hahnemühle Photo Rag®. It is a 100% cotton paper that makes artwork come alive with incredible depth and detail.

Sustainability Promise:

Good news – all Fine Art Prints on Where Wonder Waits are sustainable! The entire printing process is 100% end-to-end carbon neutral, using sustainable materials as well as packaging. When carbon emissions cannot be avoided (e.g. order deliveries), they are offset by investing in renewable energy projects.

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31cm x 43cm, 12.1inches x 16.9inches, 22cm x 31cm, 8.7inches x 12.1inches