Outdoor Travel Photography

An ode to Mother Nature.

A life in the wild

Adventures nourish the soul. My wanderlust spirit calls me into the mountains, to witness the beauty of nature and feel the grandiosity of the world, tiny among those giants.

Mountains have become my biggest teacher. Facing the physical and mental challenges of long hikes is where I meet my most authentic self, conquer fears and grow a little taller.

When I fell in love with long distance hiking, I wanted to capture those precious moments. Alone on trails, my camera has always been my most cherished hiking companion. It is my great joy to share those photographs and inspire people to go explore the breathtaking wonders of the wild.

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A hiker on the coast to coast trail.

Why I do what I do

Backpacking has not only brought me the most exhaustion and challenge in my life, but also the most joy, inner peace and growth.

Even though I have cursed the additional weight of my photography gear many times, I would not enjoy my outdoor adventures the same if I could not capture those moments on camera.

Hiking is life reduced to our most basic needs – food, shelter, rest. Everything beyond is luxury. The appreciation for the little joys in life becomes magnified outdoors. Everything is felt more intensely.

I can’t count the times I have cried out of gratitude in the mountains, simply witnessing the beauty of nature. Mountains gave me strength and they constantly remind me that life is a gift.

Behind the scenes of my outdoor travel photography

Even my hiking photos are mostly self portraits. I often balance my camera ‘safely’ on tree stumps, fences, rocks, or – ahem – my shoes.

My camera is, after my tent, the second-heaviest item I carry in my otherwise lightweight gear. I keep it easily accessible in a front pouch.

I used to hate hiking (and exercise in general). Only at the age of 25, I suddenly realized being outdoors is the best damn thing in the world.

A female hiker wearing an orange rain poncho hiking in the English mountains.

Mail from the trail

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