I’m Anna Heimkreiter – artist,
adventurer & advocate for living fully.

Live deeply
Feel deeply

The Fine Art Print Collection

Wonder starts in your own four walls.

Into each of my artworks, I weave the earth‘s spirit and quietly whispered tales of adventure. If you always wanted to take that sense of wonder home with you… This is for you.

As a traveling creative with a passion for intentional living, I mostly see myself as a human being on a journey.

An explorer of the mysteries of life, just like you. And I discovered… The more I grow in self-awareness and presence, the more magic and wonder I find all around me.

Let‘s be honest, life isn‘t always just magical.

But when I say I love life, I truly mean it. Despite all its complexity and turbulences, I can‘t help but find myself in awe of the beauty of our human existence.

And I take all those deep feelings and turn them into visual poetry, for fellow wonder seekers and dreamers to enjoy.

3 truths I wish everybody knew


You are the creator of your life.


Everything you want to be is already in you.


You are so much more powerful than you think.

If I didn’t live in a van, I would hang these prints in my home:

“What a life”

– my friend Micah, summarizing the magnificence of existence better than I ever could

A portrait photographer taking a mirror selfie.

My art is inspired by wild nature, authentic feelings & those peaceful moments that make life special.

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Fine Art Print of the Mother Archetypes, the most loving and caring of the 7 Feminine Archetypes.

Know Thyself

The 7 Feminine Archetypes

If you are ready to dive deeper into your femininity journey, the 7 Feminine Archetypes are here to help you understand yourself (and those around you) better.

I created these artworks for you to remember your strengths, make peace with your shadow and pave the way to becoming your most brilliant self.

Take the quiz to find out which Feminine Archetype you are and read how you can embody your strengths, work on your shadow and become your most brilliant self.

Photography Guide

Learn to take beautiful self-portraits

After a decade of self-portrait photography, I compiled all my knowledge in a very comprehensive (and free!) guide.

Here is what you will learn:

  • how to take a self-portrait
  • why people take self-portraits (and why it’s not a selfie)
  • what camera settings and gear you need
  • how to master focus, lighting and posing
  • what self-portraits have to do with self-love
Artistic self portrait photography is a way of creative expression. This self-portrait by Anna Heimkreiter features a woman in a long dress standing in a beautiful mountain scenery. Her dress and hair flow with the wind, creating an ethereal atmosphere.

Some call it a blog, I call it a space for wonder seekers.

I believe in sharing our stories as a way of connecting with each other. If you’re inspired by adventures and personal growth, welcome. Let’s go explore!

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creative portrait of the founder of where wonder waits in the alps