From the divine in me to the divine in you.

From the very beginning, the beautiful goddess spirit that lives in all of us inspired my art. It honors femininity and the connection to our higher selves.

I draw inspiration from meditation and yoga, known spiritual practices that can help us to achieve mindfulness and higher states of consciousness.

I hope these spiritual illustrations bring a sense of calm to you and remind you of the magic that lives within you.


An illustrated excursion into the world of plant medicines and psychedelic substances.

The mind-altering and healing powers of these substances have been long known, often used in ceremonial context all around the world.

I created this series of psychedelic illustrations to point to the therapeutic potential of what has often simply been labeled as ‘drugs’ in the western world.


This series, Yoga Through the Seasons, speaks of the cyclical nature of life, the seasons, and how we can unite these changes within us.


For me, creating has always been more than just a way to pass time. Through art, we heal ourselves and others.

I create spiritual artwork to share female empowerment and invite more mindfulness into our lives.

The making, as well as the consumption of art, can be therapeutic, with its unique power to connect you with your deepest self.

What touches your soul can transform you.

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Illustration of a moon, the stars and a growing plant

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