Anna Heimkreiter is a self portrait photographer who creates artistic self portraits in nature as she travels the world. This photograph shows a female silhouette in the mountains during golden hour.

Ethereal Self-Portraits

inspired by nature and living deeply

Welcome, kind soul!

My name is Anna and I am a self-portrait photographer.

To me, nothing compares to the awe and wonder nature evokes. I am my happiest outdoors and I hope to convey this deep love for our natural world through my ethereal self-portrait photography.

Since I am a full-time traveler, my self-portraits are taken in national parks and mountain ranges around the globe. Let my images take you on a journey to the world’s most beautiful places and feelings!

Portfolio by Anna Heimkreiter | Self-Portrait Photographer

Earth’s spirit – framed.

Have a blank wall that needs a little bit of love? A selected collection of my best photographs is available as Fine Art Prints.

Let these dreamy images bring tranquility and nature’s beauty into your space.

My journey as a self-portrait photographer

In 2012, I discovered photography as a way to express feelings I could not put into words.

To this day, self-portraits are the most personal and meaningful part of my photo work. Full of emotion, they speak silent tales of my deep love for nature and the simple wonder of being alive.

Alone in front of my camera is where I can fully embrace vulnerability and share my inner world.

Creative close-up self portrait photography of a freckled female face looking through grass with hidden grasshoppers.

Self-portraits inspired by nature

A consistent theme in my photography is a feeling of deep appreciation for our natural surroundings. While I have taken some indoor self portraits, the majority of my work could not exist without the ravishing beauty of nature.

When taking self portraits, time stops for a moment.

I fully arrive in the moment. Running barefoot in the mountains. Feeling the wind in my hair. The wet grass under my feet. Taking a deep breath.

This is what it feels to be alive.

Self-portrait photography lets me appreciate nature. Notice all the little details. And delve into a deep sense of wonder.

Surreal Self Portraits

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Fine art photography showing the nude back of a woman in a lupine field at moonrise.

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