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The 7
Feminine Archetypes

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Welcome, Goddess.

The 7 Feminine Archetypes are a powerful tool to understand yourself on a deeper level – the artwork I created for each archetype serves as a tangible, visual reminder to embody your highest feminine power.

The journey starts with an introduction to the Feminine Archetypes & artworks and is followed by a Quiz below where you can find out which archetype corresponds most to your divine essence.

Let’s get started…

These are the 7 Feminine Archetypes:

Illustrations of the 7 Feminine Archetypes by Anna Heimkreiter. "The Mother" shows a pregnant woman in a field of grain.
Divine Inspiration: Demeter, Goddess of Harvest

The Mother Archetype

Regardless of whether she has children or not, the heart-centered Mother is a universally understood Archetype. She cares deeply for those around her and gains great satisfaction from being able to nurture others. Under her hands, people and projects blossom. Her warmth and loving energy create a safe haven of care and protection.

Shadow Side

The Mother Archetype often puts others before herself – she forgets to fill her own well and struggles to set boundaries.

Light Side

She profoundly understands unconditional love. The Mother is caring, supportive, devoted and highly compassionate.

Illustrations of the 7 Feminine Archetypes by Anna Heimkreiter. "The Maiden" shows a young, innocent-looking woman under lilies making a flower crown.
Divine Inspiration: Persephone, Goddess of Spring

The Maiden Archetype

Often embodied by women at the beginning of their lives, the Maiden carries a spirit of innocence and playfulness. At heart, she is an idealist who yet has to learn how to turn her dreams into reality. The Maiden moves through the world intuitively. She is a cocoon ready to blossom and, when confronted with darkness, often a catalyst for growth.

Shadow Side

The Maiden is in danger of being too passive or naive. If she hasn’t found her own strength yet, she remains in the role of the victim.

Light Side

She has a youthful outlook on life which makes her adaptive, creative, empathetic, thoughtful and open to learning.

Illustrations of the 7 Feminine Archetypes by Anna Heimkreiter. "The Huntress" shows a warrior woman walking the woods at night, with a wolf by her side.
Divine Inspiration: Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt

The Huntress Archetype

The warrior spirit lives in her – the Huntress strives for autonomony independence and inner strength. She knows how to persevere and fend for herself. As a wild woman, she is deeply connected to nature. Her presence inspires others to find strength and she often serves as a protector of other, more vulnerable women.

Shadow Side

The Huntress Archetype may struggle to allow vulnerability and get in touch with her emotional side.

Light Side

She has the confidence to face any challenge. The Huntress is fierce, highly independent and courageous.

Illustrations of the 7 Feminine Archetypes by Anna Heimkreiter. "The Mystic" shows a woman practicing meditation under giant mushrooms.
Divine Inspiration: Hestia, Goddess of Hearth

The Mystic Archetype

The Mystic is a quiet soul who enjoys solitude. Above all, she longs to deeply know and be at peace with herself. She is a seeker of harmony, often very introverted and focused on her inner world. As a spiritual seeker, she creates a home within herself. Her calm approach to life can help others to find balance and take a deep breath.

Shadow Side

The Mystic Archetype risks isolating herself too much from the world and struggling to make meaningful connections.

Light Side

She radiates tranquility and peace which gives her an aura of mystery and soulfulness. She has high levels of self-awareness.

Illustrations of the 7 Feminine Archetypes by Anna Heimkreiter. "The Queen" shows a majestic woman with a crown surrounded by white roses.
Divine Inspiration: Hera, Goddess of Marriage

The Queen Archetype

The Queen is a natural leader. She is driven by achievement and has a special talent for making powerful alliances. Often very successful in her career, she has her eyes set on the prize. She is not interested in playing small or those who betray her loyalty – the Queen knows her worth and values the finer things in life.

Shadow Side

When feeling insecure or threatened, the Queen can fall into patterns of jealousy and controlling behavior.

Light Side

Her confidence, combined with a very loyal heart, makes her shine. She is sociable, ambitious, and knows how to take charge.

Illustrations of the 7 Feminine Archetypes by Anna Heimkreiter. "The Sage" shows a wise woman surrounded by books, an olive tree and an owl.
Divine Inspiration: Athena, Goddess of Wisdom

The Sage Archetype

Also known as the Wise Woman, the Sage is moved by logic and strategy. She pursues the path of self-improvement with discipline and is not afraid to let go of past versions of herself when they no longer serve her. Her thirst for knowledge results in a fountain of wisdom that is appreciated and sought out by her surroundings.

Shadow Side

The Sage Archetype can be overly mind-focused and struggle to develop empathy and be present in the moment.

Light Side

The Sage knows her power and speaks her truth. She is intelligent, strategic and devoted to inner growth.

Illustrations of the 7 Feminine Archetypes by Anna Heimkreiter. "The Lover" shows a Venus-inspired woman playing the drums.
Divine Inspiration: Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty

The Lover Archetype

The Lover is an embodiment of sacred sensuality – her magnetic force captivates. She is an alchemist of love, able to deeply transform those who encounter her touch. Naturally gifted at sparking intense connections, the Lover follows her emotions and desires. She is full of life force and an abundant source of creativity and inspiration.

Shadow Side

The Lover Archetype can struggle to control her emotions, lack commitment and is often in need of external validation.

Light Side

A natural creatrix, grounded in the present, has the ability to attract, knows how to create her own reality.

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Questions & Answers On The 7 Feminine Archetypes

What are the 7 Feminine Archetypes based on?

The Archetypes are based on Jungian psychology and ancient mythology. They reflect collective patterns in the way feminine energy is expressed.

Understanding your Archetype is a door to gaining a deeper understanding of your self. They can be a tool for shadow work and cultivating your personal strengths.

Can I have several Feminine Archetypes?

Absolutely. Most people have a predominant Archetype, but it is normal to recognize yourself in several of them.

Often, we shift through the Feminine Archetypes throughout our life’s cycles, embodying different energies as needed.

By consciously cultivating another Archetype’s energy (that has what you’re currently lacking), you can achieve self-mastery and

What do the artworks mean?

The paintings I created to represent the 7 Feminine Archetypes serve to connect you with your purpose and potential.

Each artwork corresponds to a Greek goddess embodying the Archetype, with mythological symbolism woven into it.

What is my “shadow side”?

The shadow is the dark, unconscious side of yourself – the parts hidden and denied, often buried in shame, fear, trauma. The more you bring them to light (and consciousness), the more you can work on embracing and transforming them.

Are these Archetypes only for women?

No – every one of us carries masculine and feminine energy within. People with predominantly feminine energy will be able to relate to these Archetypes more, but all of them can be discovered and cultivated within you.