The Mystic Archetype – Fine Art Print

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Title: ”The Mystic’, Illustration Art by Anna Heimkreiter (2021)

From the series:The 7 Feminine Archetypes’, a collection of 7 artworks on femininity and goddesses, based on Jungian psychology and ancient mythology.

About the artwork: Out of all the feminine archetypes, the Mystic Archetype was the easiest one to find inspiration for – because it is the one that resonates most strongly with my core essence. What we are familiar with comes to us naturally. The Mystic is a quiet soul who enjoys solitude. The mushrooms, one of my favorite natural wonders, symbolize her mystic qualities and connection to the spiritual world.

Above all, she longs to deeply know and be at peace with herself. She is a seeker of harmony, often very introverted and focused on her inner world. Her calm approach to life can equally help others to find balance and take a deep breath.

The Greek Goddess associated with this archetype is Hestia, Goddess of Hearth – the soulful Mystic is a spiritual seeker who creates a home within herself.

We all need to be reminded to take a deep breath sometimes (yes, me too) – having this artwork in your presence will hopefully help you to cultivate self-awareness, balance and tranquility in your life.

Open Edition Fine Art Print:

Small – A4
Medium – A3

All Open Edition Prints carry a small (digital) signature of the artist, unobtrusively integrated into the artwork.

A small white border is added to every Fine Art Print – please refer to the Sizing Guide for in-depth information on available sizes and framing.

Fine Art Print Quality:

Giclée Printing allows you to achieve reproductions of extraordinary quality, even at very large sizes. Using paper and inks of archival quality, their brilliance will last a lifetime. All Fine Art by Anna Heimkreiter is printed on one of the most beautiful Fine Art papers on the market, Hahnemühle Photo Rag®. It is a 100% cotton paper that makes artwork come alive with incredible depth and detail.

Sustainability Promise:

Good news – all Fine Art Prints on Where Wonder Waits are sustainable! The entire printing process is 100% end-to-end carbon neutral, using sustainable materials as well as packaging. When carbon emissions cannot be avoided (e.g. order deliveries), they are offset by investing in renewable energy projects.

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31cm x 43cm, 12.1inches x 16.9inches, 22cm x 31cm, 8.7inches x 12.1inches