52+ Inspiring Artist Date Ideas to Fill an Entire Year

When was the last time you took your inner artist on a date? If it’s been a while, here are more than 52 Artist Date ideas you can try when you’re feeling uninspired or blocked. Enough for an entire year.

A lot of people have a surprisingly hard time doing something nice for themselves regularly. Let’s change that!

Artist Dates are perfect for fueling your creativity and to start being kinder to yourself. You deserve that me-time.

I’ve taken up weekly Artist Dates a while ago and compiled this list simply for myself at first. But since I saw that some people struggle to find things to do, I thought it could be nice to share some inspiration. Here we go!

What are so-called Artist Dates?

The concept of Artist Dates originates from the book ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron. It is a spiritual guide to creativity, designed to help artists unblock themselves in a rut.

Apart from other tasks the book suggests, it also invites you to take yourself on a weekly Artist Date. Just you and your inner artist.

You can choose to do anything that sparks your curiosity for your Artist Date. They don’t have to be explicitly art-related, rather an open exploration of your creative senses.

Cameron suggests asking yourself ‘what sounds like fun?’. Go do exactly that.

Looking for an artist date idea? Why not go birdwatching in the countryside, as shown in the picture? Nature offers plenty of opportunities for nurturing your inner artist.
Is there a part of you that has always wanted to spend a day bird-watching, for no particular reason? Brilliant! That could be your next Artist Date.

How Artist Dates can help your artistic journey

Artist Dates are basically a weekly reminder for self-care. An invitation to play and rekindle your creative spark.

Often, to be and feel creative, we need to allow ourselves to enjoy ourselves – if we focus purely on our artistic tasks, we may feel overwhelmed. Stuck. Anything but creative.

If we do something we genuinely enjoy, we nurture our souls. By quality alone-time, we stimulate our creative senses.

Artist Dates are like a little weekly gift to yourself. And they have the power to increase your creativity by simply enjoying yourself. Doesn’t that sound good?!

52+ Inspiring Ideas for Artist Dates

So, this is my list of Artist Date ideas for this year. Some of these I’ve already done, others I’m looking forward to. These are the things I personally enjoy doing (or at least I am curious about them).

Remember, your Artist Date ideas can look wildly different than mine. Do what makes your heart sing!

Outdoor Artist Date ideas

My favorite kind of Artist Date are those that lead me to reconnect with nature. Being outdoors never fails to inspire me to create. It is the best surrounding to think freely, appreciate the beauty of the world and feel your authentic self.

  1. Make a bonfire
  2. Go for a sunrise hike
  3. Go watch the sunset by the sea
  4. Pick a tree and write down every single thing you can observe about it
  5. Balance rocks in the most challenging ways you can
  6. Go for a bike ride
  7. Find something nice in nature to put into your home
  8. Plant some seeds in your garden
  9. Stay out star-gazing
  10. Make a flower crown for yourself
  11. Go for a barefoot walk
  12. Sleep outside in a tent
Outdoor artist dates can be very energizing. Hiking and camping in the forst, like shown in the picture, is a great artist date idea.
Being alone in nature always refuels my creative energy.

Exploring & learning Artist Date ideas

If you’re anything like me, there’s probably a million things that you still want to learn. And that is fantastic – curiosity is what keeps us young! Whether you become a local explorer for a day or work on a new skill, this kind of Artist Date is time well spent.

  1. Go for a long walk without a map and dare to get lost
  2. Learn to cook a new recipe
  3. Dress in your favorite clothes and go sit in a cafe
  4. Learn to play a new song on the guitar
  5. Dance in the rain
  6. Read an inspiring book
  7. Go to the movies
  8. Do something that (slightly) scares you
  9. Do something you loved doing as a child
  10. Bake your favorite cake
  11. Find a new café to try
  12. Play Poi
  13. Visit a corner of your town/region you haven’t been to yet
A young woman dances in the rain and laughs joyfully.
Tap into the joy of being alive.

Mindful Artist Date Ideas & Indoor Ideas

Going inwards is always necessary and beautiful. It connects you not only with your inner artist, but your inner wisdom. Mindful artist dates can be wonderful quiet time and are also suitable for when you’d rather stay indoors. Especially in a time where parts of the world are still experiencing Covid-19 lockdowns, these Artist Date ideas can even be done during quarantine.

  1. Spend an entire day in silence or meditating
  2. Write a letter to your parents and tell them what you’re grateful for
  3. Write a letter to your child self
  4. Write a letter to your future self
  5. Stay away from technology for a day
  6. Have an imaginary conversation with your inner artist
  7. Journal how you imagine your future life
  8. Forgive yourself something you haven’t
  9. Practice breathing techniques
  10. Spend some time observing your thoughts
There are many mindful and indoor artist date ideas. Once of them simply could be cuddling your pet - the photo shows a smiling woman face to face with a fluffy cat.
I am sure cuddling your cat counts as an excellent indoor Artist Date.

Creative Artist Date ideas

Even though Artist Dates don’t have to be about art itself, it can be very fun trying something new. If you usually write, why don’t you try exploring a form of creative expression entirely different than yours? Often we unblock our creativity by realizing being creative lies in all things we do – it helps to take a different approach sometimes, without any pressure attached.

  1. Paint rocks and leave them for others to find
  2. Write a short story
  3. Make a short film
  4. Paint your own body
  5. Take a sketchbook and go paint plants in nature
  6. Paint a wall in your apartment
  7. Take a self-portrait
  8. Paint a portrait of your pet
  9. Craft a gift for a friend
  10. Invent something useless, but fun
  11. Explore a new painting technique
A watercolor painting and a cup of coffee on a table in the sunny garden - a creative artist date idea.
Painting in the garden in Italy made my heart so happy.

Self-care Artist Date ideas

Artist Dates are always an opportunity to spoil yourself a little – not by going on a shopping spree, but by nurturing your soul. With these self-care ideas, you will feel the love. Relax and enjoy.

  1. Build foam figures while taking a bath
  2. Give yourself a massage
  3. Have your own little ecstatic dance party
  4. Listen to relaxing music
  5. Have a picnic
  6. Do yoga
  7. Declutter your favorite room
  8. Buy yourself flowers
  9. Allow yourself to do nothing

So, which Artist Date idea do you pick?

To me, it’s really helpful having a list of Artist Date ideas to choose from. When the time comes, I simply pick what I feel most drawn to at the moment, without having to think long.

So I strongly recommend compiling a list like this for yourself. Then you’ll have absolutely no excuse to NOT go on your weekly Artist Date just because you can’t think of anything to do.

I’m curious about what your favorite Artist Date ideas are – let me know in the comments below! Do you decide spontaneously (like me) or do you like to plan ahead? What will you do for your next date with your inner artist?

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