Fine Art Photography taken in Iceland by Anna Heimkreiter. The soft, feminine photograph shows a the nude back of a woman among lupines under the rising moon.

Unique Iceland Fine Art Photography for Your Home

The Land of Ice and Fire has some of the most unique landscapes in the world. In my Iceland Fine Art Portrait Photography, I set out to photograph beautiful scenery in combination with a human element.

Combining landscape and portrait photography in Iceland, these atmospheric works capture a range of feelings feeling from sacred solitude, limitless freedom and the tenderness of the dark.

Iceland is a country that has a harsh beauty about it – and enthralls with its otherworldly landscapes. It has been my dream for many years to capture Iceland‘s beauty through my Fine Art Photography. I specialize in self portraiture, so I wanted to give these Iceland photos a special twist by adding a person to the inspiring landscapes.

In 2019, I finally got to go there and here are some of my best artistic portraits taken in Iceland. The photos are available as Fine Art Photography prints – I would love to see how these bring the spirit of Iceland into your home!

Let my Iceland Fine Art Photography inspire you

This Iceland photograph captures an incredible sunrise in Landmannalaugar. It shows a person letting their scarf blow in the wind, evoking a strong sense of freedom.

Creating magical fine art photography in Landmannalaugar

This Fine Art Photo was taken in Landmannalaugar, one of Iceland‘s most incredible regions to discover and hike in. It is rather remote but once you get there you will fall in love with the unique mountain shapes surrounding you.

I titled this artwork „Freedom“ – let me tell you why. The story behind this Landmannalaugar photo is quite a special one to me.

It captures one of the most beautiful moments of my life – experiencing it actually made me cry out of pure gratitude.

As I was exploring the incredible beauty of the Landmannalaugar landscape, there was this one mountain I could not stop looking at. It seemed to be rainbow-colored and it felt as if it was calling me.

It was late, and my friend had already gone to bed – but Icelandic summer nights never get dark, so I felt inspired to hike up that mountain in the middle of the night, alone.

The walk was magical and I made it to the top around 3 am. Surrounded by beauty wherever I looked.

But, what got me so emotional in the end was the simple coincidence that with the very last step I took to reach the top of the mountain, in that very same second, the sun burst forth behind the mountains and immersed everything around in its warm, golden light.

I could not hold back my tears. I was in awe, overwhelmed by the wild beauty of being able to experience this moment. It felt like the ultimate freedom.

Witnessing the wonders of nature is the greatest joy in my life. And I keep the beauty of this moment in Landmannalaugar in my heart until today. I am happy I got to capture it as a Fine Art Portrait and am now able to offer it as a print for all Iceland (and freedom!) lovers.

Fine Art Photography taken in Iceland by Anna Heimkreiter. The soft, feminine photograph shows a the nude back of a woman among lupines under the rising moon.

Fine art photography meets Iceland‘s lupine fields

„Moon Child“ is one of my all-time favorite photographs. I happened to take it on my very first day in Iceland when its magic was as fresh as it could be (even though it never fades, really).

We picked early summer season for our trip to Iceland and I had no idea that at that time, lupine fields would be blooming all over the island of fire and ice. Lupines are beautiful creations of nature that enchanted me with their tender color and voluminous shape right away.

As I was waiting for my friend to arrive at the airport, nature gifted me the most beautiful spectacle. The Icelandic sky matched the soft purple of the lupines all around me perfectly and the moon started rising in perfect symphony.

With so much softness all around me, I wanted to create a tender, feminine photo among the lupines.

However, what now makes me love this fine art photo taken in Iceland even more is what other people see in it. I‘ve been told many times that it looks like a giantess towering over (snowy) tree tops.

And that, to me, is the most beautiful thing about creating art – after putting it out into the world, everyone can place their own interpretations and feelings into it. It is a vessel for communication, a medium that transports so much more than just the artist‘s intention. The viewer is equally important.

Dark, moody Fine Art Photograph taken in Iceland. A woman on a rock in a desolte landscape. Title: "Dance of the Insomniac" by Anna Heimkreiter

Now what about some dark, moody photography in Iceland?

Iceland enchants with its many moods, changing as quickly as the weather. We spent a lot of our time exploring Iceland at night, when the light painted the world in the most beautiful hues.

But on this particular night, it was cloudy and as dark as it would get in the height of Icelandic summer.

We crossed only barren land on our way to the well-known airplane wreck. Nothing but a few sizable rocks to be found in this location. It felt eery, unearthly.

Then there was us—two tiny people moving across this desert of stones. In a moment by myself, I channeled the loneliness the darkness provided the scene into this piece of art.

Although it is one of my darker self portraits, I adore it very much.I believe that everyone has a dark side to them.

We all, in my opinion, have a dark side that occasionally needs to be addressed, and it might as well take the form of a nighttime dance on a lonely rock.

As a Fine Art Print, this photograph really brings the moody part of Iceland into a room – perfect if you love atmospheric environments.

Fine Art Photography taken in Iceland. The artwork shows a solitary figure standing on the ruins of a lost place, looking out over the mountains in the distance.

A unique lost place in Iceland that inspired my photography

Now, we‘ve all seen the „person in front of a waterfall“ kind of photos from Iceland – so I really wanted to capture something different.

One day, we came across a lost place in Iceland, likely a ruin of a former farm. Something about the atmosphere there spoke to me, especially with the majestic mountains in the distance.

It was impossible to climb the building, however. I could not quite get the photo I had in mind right.

So for this Iceland Fine Art Photo, I actually created a composite out of two images. One of the scenery itself and another full-body portrait photograph of myself.

I then recreated the dreamy scene I was looking for: a person standing high above the ruins, looking into the distance. The title is „What‘s Left“, based on a poem by Rupi Kaur.

Poem and art by the wonderful Rupi Kaur

To me, this image carries a lot of symbolism. How can we look ahead in a moment where everything seems broken? I‘m a great believer in hope and this atmospheric photo taken in Iceland carries a lot of it.

I hope you enjoyed these Iceland photos!

Being able to capture the wild beauty of Iceland in photographs has been my greatest pleasure. I would absolutely love to return there eventually to explore and create more of these artworks.

Please, if you‘re visiting Iceland, make sure to protect these landscapes. All my photos were taken with utmost care – no flowers trampled, no trails abandoned, no trace left behind.

To keep one of the last wild places on earth as beautiful as it is, I also hope you will leave no trace and enjoy what Icelandic nature has to offer respectfully.

I‘d be really grateful if you shared these Fine Art Photos from Iceland with people who might enjoy them. And if you‘re considering getting a print but have any questions, please reach out any time. Happy to help!

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