Interview with Nomadic Artist Anna Heimkreiter

This is an English adaptation of the interview that appeared in the Dutch edition of Happinez Magazine (10/2023).

Original text by Michèle Bevoort

“It is an intimate, personal process” – Anna Heimkreiter

Artist Anna Heimkreiter travels the world as a nomad, in an old fire truck, together with her cat. It is also her home and workplace. She creates self-portraits and illustrations there, as seen on the previous pages.

“Already as a child, as soon as my parents announced that we were going on a trip, I packed my backpack in a matter of seconds. Already then I loved it, and actually, not much has changed. The more I traveled, the more I wanted to discover the world. Originally, I come from a small town in the south of Germany, but I have arranged my life in a way that allows me to travel non-stop. Always being on the road brings all kinds of challenges and can be exhausting at times, but above all, it makes life surprising and magical. It makes me live life to the fullest. Traveling is my biggest learning experience.”

‘Caring mother, aren’t you forgetting yourself?’

When the soul sings

“Creating makes me happy. Along the way, I take photos and create illustrations. I also write and design regularly. For my photography, I specialize in self-portraits, working with a tripod and remote control. Taking these photos is an intimate and personal process, but of course also very practical as a solo traveler. My work often arises spontaneously. I take my camera and a few dresses and go on an adventure in nature. If the surroundings inspire me, then a beautiful photo session rolls out, and if not, then it’s just nice to be in nature and that’s fine too. You know those moments when your soul just starts singing and you know that this is what you’re meant to be doing? That’s how I feel when I’m out exploring. Nomadic life is not always easy but it is worth it.”

‘After the inward journey, it is time to venture outward again’

Living with nature

“Spirituality definitely influences how I look at the world and that in turn influences the art I make. Although I find spirituality a bit of a difficult term. I’m not the crystal-incense-tarot-card type of spiritual. I do, however, feel connected to the universe or source, if you can put it that way. Grounded in love, gratitude, and appreciation for life. We are part of nature, something we often forget, and that’s how I try to live. Nature is an incredibly important part of my life, photography and art. A few years ago, in addition to my photography, I started drawing digital illustrations. They are often inspired by mindfulness, the expansion of consciousness, and the divine feminine.”

‘Awaken the Huntress in yourself: you can meet any challenge.’

On wonder

“I think making art is also healing. It transports me into a state of inner peace and flow. And if my work just brings a little joy to someone‘s day, then I think that’s fantastic. Ultimately, I hope that the way I live and what I create will inspire others to create a life that makes them truly happy. Of course, there is a lot wrong in the world, but most days it comes down to how we look at it. Do you choose to go through life from a state of wonder? Do you feel grateful for the people around you and all the beautiful things in your life? Do you know that you deserve to be loved and at peace? To me, that makes all the difference .”

The Divine Feminine | Interview in Happinez Magazine

Feminine Archetypes are a powerful tool for understanding who you are on a deeper level. They symbolize different aspects of the feminine and can help you understand your own light and darkness. Artist Anna Heimkreiter magically illustrated them.

Thank you, Happinez Magazine, for having me!


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